Call For Papers

Deadline for Article Submission
March 1, 2021

TRC Journal of Medicine (TRCJM) is an international scientific journal for the publication of research and studies covering all aspects of emergency medicine, disaster medicine, and public health. By representing an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of recent data and expert opinions, TRCJM reflects the importance of a comprehensive approach for resolving problems of emergency medicine, disaster medicine, and public health worldwide, particularly in Turkey. TRCJM is the official peer-reviewed, international journal of the Turkish Red Crescent Society.

TRCJM publishes peer-reviewed research reports on emergency medicine, disaster medicine, and public health, bringing together research conducted within various disciplines. Journal articles include theoretical, philosophical, and political essays; research papers; research on emergency medicine and disaster medicine that include evidence-based clinical applications and clinical, epidemiological, and human experimental case reports; and historical research associated with any emergency medicine-, disaster medicine-, or public health-related problems.

Studies that clearly contribute to the current knowledge of emergency medicine, disaster medicine, and public health, social policy, and/or treatment are given priority. Scholarly commentaries on topical issues and systematic reviews are also encouraged.

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts electronically to

We hope that you will be a part of this multidisciplinary effort to produce a general platform in a unique journal. Please respond to this invitation and do not hesitate to contact the editor for any further queries.

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